Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Nursery

Putting together this little room is one of the things that has made me realize, in becoming a mom myself, how much our parents anticipated us and worked to prepare for us even in the little things. Our little boy will never know that I made his curtains or the lengths that were gone to get his changing table, that I lost my mind and went crazy taping and prepping for the stripes one random night, or how hard his daddy worked to paint and patch the walls in his room, and even if he did know all these things he wouldn't really understand. It hasn't been about creating a perfect room it's just been about all the anticipation and excitement in welcoming this boy into our family.
That said I love the way his room turned out. So...without further ado...our nursery!

view from the door. can't wait 'til there's a little boy waiting to be picked up in that crib. 
sweet crib from his grandpa and grandma price--crib skirt via me with some fun Michael Miller fabric--green rug found with help from Janners on a super clearance at Crate & Barrel. 
blankets made with love waiting for snuggles.

the ever growing menagerie waiting to meet their friend.
I love the connection each animal has to someone looking forward to him. 

aunt titi updated and crafted up some leftover decorations from my baby shower into a mobile. super skillz!

Ikea bookshelf made into a changing table.
& the slowly assembled wall art including a "Wookie the Chew" print
and of course a Nats pennant and a plaid.

// How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon
December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. // Dr. Seuss

a quote I read over the summer and loved for the connection to anticipating this little guy. though I have no problem if he decides he wants a November birthday instead of December. ;-)
blanket from one of Andree's aunts, painted lines with help from aunt titi, repurposed lamp crafted up this summer and books!

every little boy needs to be well versed in the story of Robin Hood.
an airplane model made for him by daddy -- a special donkey from Oklahoma where our hearts ached for this child.

one of my favorite things in the room: Tarzan books handed down from my great uncle bob and grandpa's childhood. 

don't miss the Zim ;-) 
the dresser I had as a kiddie and lots of little clothes waiting to be worn.

Happy sigh. It's just the very best and sweetest room in the house. On different days you can find any of us up there reading or working on our laptops in the quiet of his room--plus it gets the best cell phone reception in the house. It's been a fun project as a "family" (and in that I include dear K.Snyd/Aunt Titi). It's not perfect but it's for our son and he'll quickly learn that his daddy and I aren't perfect either but we love him very much and can't wait to do our best to raise him. 


Krista said...

I love the grey with the pops of color. Beautifully executed! Baby boy is so blessed to have you two as parents :)

Amy said...

It turned out so great!!

Ruth said...

I cried. Sweet anticipated boy. Can't wait to meet him!

Kristen said...

LOVE it :)