Saturday, September 03, 2011

For My Little Guy

I'm having lots of fun (and plenty of surreal moments mixed in) preparing for our little boy to come. One thing I've been waiting forever to do it feels like is make blankets for our baby. I have plenty of other nursery projects waiting but I started with blankets because I felt like I could actually then make something and see the progress quickly. So voila! Dreams coming true in the cheesiest, simplest, craftiest way. ;-)

I made a tummy time/snuggle blanket out of green minky circle fabric and pears. This tutorial gave me a simple guide and was easy to follow.
And then a smaller car seat blanket out of a remnant of blue soft fabric I've had stashed away and some airplanes. This tutorial is pretty similar and really basic.

Now all I need is a little boy to snuggle up in them.

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Amy said...

So cute!!