Tuesday, September 06, 2011

More Baby Crafts

Crafting for my sweet boy is apparently my new hobby. And I think that "nesting urge" has hit and hit hard this weekend! I'm not quite sure I understand how one week away from my third trimester I'm only just now getting any energy back (maybe so much got sucked out during the sick of the first trimester that it took longer to come back than 'the books' said it would) but that combined with "nesting" is putting me in project mode hardcore. And with a husband who works weekends I'm not complaining.

This is how I spent my Sunday night...

Before: A simple but dark (and brown which doesn't match anything we have anymore) Ikea lamp shade. And Ikea stand. 

During: I bought a cheap small off-white shade at Target. (Literally the last one on the shelf at the second store I visited. College students like small lamp shades?) Combined with a fat quarter I had purchased off Etsy of Alexander Henry animal print fabric. (Gotta find some use for the mountain of fabric I've accumulated!) 

After: A sweet little lamp for a soft light next to the chair in Little Guy's room. Keeps the green/blue colors going but takes a break from what is becoming an awful lot of stripes and polka dots. It's not totally perfect but I love it! I can't wait to point out the rhinos and giraffes and anteaters on it to my babe. (Same Ikea stand; the brown lamp is in storage now.)

There are many tutorials and suggestions on doing this. I referenced "Darling Octopus" for my guide. 

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Sara said...

That lamp is adorable! Congrats on your new soon-to-be little arrival!