Saturday, August 27, 2011

Little Boy Update (25 w. 6 d.)

Our little boy sure seems to be growing and getting stronger and somehow even busier in there!

  • He seems to either love or be afraid of thunderstorms. The ones we've had in the last month are a guarantee to wake him up and get him to start thumping around. I love thunder and lightening and big storms and Dre is pretty afraid of them so the odds of whether Baby is reacting in fear or joy are about 50/50. ;-) He woke up after the earthquake too though I'm not sure if that was because he could feel me pacing about afterwards or if he felt anything himself.

  • Dre finally felt him kick a few weeks ago. He said it felt like "a heart beat" inside my stomach which really is a pretty good description of what some of these movements feel like. Baby still seems to hide from Daddy but he's felt him a few more times since. 

  • If I could eat one thing every day these days it would be blueberry pancakes. Blueberry muffins and pancakes have been a re-occuring theme in my cravings with this pregnancy. It's not that I don't like those things "normally" but man. They are just the best flavors these days! 

  • He responds to the sound of music, especially if it has drums, to the sound of Daddy's voice especially if he's been gone at work all day and his voice is a "new" sound in the day, and to Little Meep, when she's around he goes wild; here's to hoping that means they'll be buddies some day.

  • I've amassed a stash of fabric to make some blankets and little pants and "baby things" as soon as I find the time + energy to do so. I'm optimistic I'll at least get something made for him even if it's not everything I dream of (and that's ok). 

  • His room isn't at all close to ready but there's an ever growing pile of clothes and treats waiting in it for him. We're so blessed by every reminder of other's excitement with us for this little guy. 

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