Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our New Home--Part One

And here we are. Settled in our new house. Getting used to more than one room and more than one floor to define our living space. Just a few pictures below to show the change that the house went through before we even moved in. Amazing friends came and spent days with us painting and cleaning so the house we moved into was seriously nothing like the house we had closed on a week prior. We could not and would not have been able to do it without our friends. (We regularly look around at the house, the paint, the things unpacked for us, etc. and comment on how amazing you all are. Thank you!!)

I put an album on Facebook of all the before and after pictures that I've taken so far. You can check it out HERE.

Power Room BEFORE -- please pay special attention to 1. the lovely black "braided" (hard detail to actually see) toilet seat) and 2. the glass/wood cabinet
The power room AFTER 1. fresh paint (pale blue) 2. no more black braided toilet seat & 3. no more odd stained glass-wood bathroom cabinet

Dining/Living Room BEFORE

Dining Room/Living Room AFTER 1. "dolphin gray" paint that really comes across as a light blue 2. a more divided yet unified space by emphasizing the chair rail in the dining room space
Kitchen BEFORE -- I really thought I wanted to pull out that built in corner cabinet ASAP... 
Kitchen BEFORE-2 -- If you know me/us, you know "country apple" is not a Klessmas color. ;-)
Kitchen AFTER 1. corner cabinet inside painted blue (inspired by Pintrest and advocated and labored over by Jan and CP in particular) 2. no more country apple and instead cheery green paint
Much more "us."

And that's our home! At least in terms of the bare bones of the walls. I'll post again at some point to show that it looks like as more and more of our "home" with our furniture and things moved in. I have to say moving + being pregnant certainly put most of my home projects on the back burner but I'm sure I'll get there eventually and this way it's much easier to pace myself. ;-)


Lydia Jane said...

I love this post :) And you.

Ezequiel Brojakowski said...

The painting seems to be going well. Cherry green does seem like a better pick than country apple there... The whole house is looking fine already. Congrats on your new home! Take it easy while you're pregnant, and soon you'll have the time to make the house of your dreams!

Pamela said...

Hi. I just found your blog searching google for "light blue-ish gray paint choices". I love the color in your family room. Do you happen to know what the specific paint color name/brand name you used? I love it. Thanks,