Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Little Room

When we did one of many visits to Winding Creek I took this picture. I knew the first time we saw this house that, if this was our house, it would be our baby's room. We weren't pregnant yet, there were plenty of uncertainties in my mind, and there were plenty of other houses we looked at and plenty of short sales that we knew of from friends that didn't go through. But then we did a walk through in the spring, months before the sale was final, I started to hope that this might be our boy's room. And today I finished the last project in his room (other than cleaning) and it's officially "ready" for a little occupant. A little baby boy that sometime in the next month we'll bring home from the hospital and learn all about taking care of and fall in love with. A little boy who right now I can barely imagine what his face and his fingers and toes look like yet in a few days or weeks I'll see them for the first time and know for the rest of my life exactly what he looks like even as he grows and changes.

So yeah. Assuming this little man doesn't come tonight (no reason to think that don't worry ;-)) the next post will be pictures of his room which really is the best room in the house in the opinion of all this house's occupants.

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