Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dronkey Runs the Bases

Well it's certainly been a while since my voice was heard on this piece of the internet. For real. What's up with that? I'm back now so it's all good. (Holler to my BFF's, you know who you be.)

Puppa said I should write about my highlight of the summer. So ok I am. Duh, that means I'm writing about the Nationals!! (And I don't need any of you to point out that they're the worst team in baseball. I still love them for forevers just like Uncle Doc taught me.) Anyways I went to at least 30 games this season Puppa says. Some with Puppa, some without. Some with Uncle Doc, some with the KG. I like to keep variety in who I spend my time with.

This year, because Puppa was a season ticket holder, we got to go to a special picnic and tour all over the stadium in DC. Plus we got free hot dogs and chips! Here are some pictures of my day at Nats Park...

I met a few important people at the stadium: a few minutes after we got in the gate Mama & Puppa spotted Screech's Best Friend & the African Queen walking around. Puppa's goal for the season was to get a picture of me with them so I complied and said "cheese." As a fellow blogger I have to say his blog is one of the best around as far as discussing the Nationals goes. In the Klessmas home we typically agree or at least appreciate his point of view and anaylsis of games and things going on with the organization.
Then I got the autograph I was hoping for all season: President Teddy Roosevelt! It was a little undignified getting it but at least I got it. Puppa got Jesus Flores, Colin Ballester, Willie Harris, and Mike Hinkley. But I got my autograph first.
The other person I met was Stan Kasten. Puppa says he is the president of the Nationals. First of all he was not wearing a uniform so I don't understand how he's a National. Second of all why are there so many presidents involved with the Nationals?? Really... all we need is Teddy... But Puppa was excited to shake his hand and get a picture with "Stan."

And here is me on home plate. Like I titled this post I got to run around all the bases that my Nationals play on all the time. It was really awesome to see the field up close and personal rather than from all the way up in Section 405. It looks much different up close.
This is me in front of the bullpen. I don't really understand why the pitchers have to be caged up during the games but I guess it keeps the dugout from getting too crowded. And here's me and Mama sitting behind home plate, we had lots of chances to take a sit while Puppa took lots and lots of pictures of everything from up close.
Despite all the loses the Nats had it was a fun season. Here's to next season and getting a few (and by a few I mean A LOT) more wins on the board and finishing better than the O's in 2009.

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