Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Philly Phillies

(pc Jean Mays)

Seriously. How amazing is the local church? When people ask me how Doc and Dre got to be friends I always say the Nats but really it's more than that. It's this amazing family that God created of believers sharing life together regardless of background. How else do you explain us and the Mays' enjoying a fabulous double-date weekend together in Philly?

To celebrate the end of the season and the lovable losers that are our Washington Nationals Doc and Jean invited us to spend the weekend with them in Philly culminating at the last Nats game of the season in Citizen's Bank Park. We had a ton of fun with them: from the drive up following the purple line, torrential downpours anytime we got in the vehicle, gas stations without bathrooms for safety reasons, "special" incidents occurring directly outside the restaurant we went for dinner Saturday, giving other people directions around downtown Philly, Starbucks and talks, game night with Elise, and of course the game and experience of a new park! (Whew, had to fit all that in there for memory's sake.)

(pc Jean Mays)

This picture might sum up our trip best. (Most attractive viewed large. :-P) Dre and Jean had a great time speaking another language discussing photography and aperture and yada yada while Doc and I kept ourselves entertained not talking with big words.
(Jean's other pictures are here and here.)

Doc and Jean, you may never know how blessed we were by your invitation and your fellowship the last week of September. We had a blast with you guys and hope for future special memory making opportunities. How encouraged we were at the end of it and how reminded we were that we want to someday be like you "when we grow up." Thank you, thank you!!

(pc a special friendly "photographer" in Reading Market)

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