Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Kless-Nats craze is still going strong as we're now about a month into the season. Last night was Andree's eighth game of the season, Becca's seventh and Dronkey's ninth. (Yes you read that right: Dronks has gone to one more game than Puppa or Mamma. He went with Uncle Peter. You know you want to see the pictures.)

Last night we got to bring the dearest KG with us to the game. The rest of the ONE ministry care groups for some odd reason chose the O's over the Nats. (I mean even on an economic level that doesn't make sense: it's cheaper to buy Nats tickets and to get to the park.) But for the KG there was no choice. I mean when your leader has more than enough hats for all of you to borrow one for the night, going to the O's would just be wrong.

Here are some shots of our night taken by Miss Lydia Jane.
Dee Jam, Court, Kristen, Dre, & Dronks.
Caitlin and Shhhh-mellin
Lyd and Dronks. BFF.
The KG Crew (Shot taken by Doc Mays: "I can take the group shot. I know how to use those cameras Lydia. My family has like sixteen of them.")
And captured in all his HD-graphic-glory by Lydia's super lens, Andree's professional baseball playing twin. Seriously, doesn't he look just like Dre?!?! I mean minus the unfortunate choice of facial hair he looks like my hubby! The KG cheered for "Andree!!!" every time he came up to the plate.

Good, good times as always at Nats Park! I can't wait 'til it warms up for real this summer though I'm sure in a few months I'll be missing the freezing games as we're melting in the heat instead of shivering in the cold. Ahhh baseball...
Oh and the Nats are starting to get back to their solid baseball playing selves. (We'll admit they weren't doing the best for a few weeks there.) They played a pretty awesome game this afternoon, winning in the 12th inning after playing some excellent and much needed defense. Goooooooooo Nats!!


Peter Bang said...

hahaha! YES! Andre Estrada!

Laura said...

Haha! Go Nats :) You guys are so cute!

Andrea said...

i love how, in the first picture, kristen is totally leaning to get in the picture - even though she totally would have been if she hadn't leaned. haha

if i lived in gburg, i would want to be in the KG. :)

Brando said...

I know why the ONE Ministry went to see the O's . . . Mister Jim Winn runs their events. (Or at least he did for a while.) He's probably as big an Os fan as you guys are Nats fans.