Saturday, March 29, 2008

Countdown Complete!

Well today was a very important day. For some it was moving into their first home. (Congrats! Mamma and Puppa say they love you... I think you smell.) For others, like me, it was enjoying the start of a new season of baseball... FINALLY! (Oh and Puppa says he was more excited than I was.)Here I am watching the game. Yeah, it's true. I have my own jersey and Curly W hat. You're jealous, aren't you?
First pitch!!--Too bad Puppa was at the food stand... :-P
[Puppa says it doesn't count anyway. He says tomorrow is the REAL first pitch. I sure thought tonight counted as a real live baseball game. He's weird.]
Uncle Doc! It was very cold. I tried to keep him warm but I think a few minutes next to Puppa was more helpful than hanging out with me. (Mamma says Puppa has a heater inside.)
Mamma and Puppa in their special clothes. We kinda like the Nats if you can't tell.
Puppa's BFF Justin and he walked 3 miles yesterday to get free tickets for tonight's game. It was fun to share the frigid adventure with them. I tried to sneak jalapenos from Aunt Erin's nachos when she wasn't looking.

Special shout out to Puppa's favorite O's fans (though he won't publicly awknowledge liking anyone who supports the Orioles). Since we already had our tickets for tonight before Puppa and Uncle Justin had their early morning walk yesterday Puppa told the Winners that they could have our extra set IF they did not wear anything in support of the Orioles. They did a great job complying and even babysat Little Dronkey so we could go visit Uncle Doc in his seats.

What a fun night! The new stadium is great! It's such a radically different experience than RFK. Tomorrow we're heading down nice and early to go exploring so hopefully next week Puppa will post some cool pictures of the National's new home and my summer vacation playland.

Until next time...
--The Dronks.


Peter Bang said...

hey dronkey. i think puppa should have put on a long sleeve underneath your jersey. you weren't cold?

tessa said...

we'll babysit anytime friend :) thanks for having us along for the game.

Erin Toops said...

Yay for baseball fun times! I enjoyed sitting/freezing with you friend.