Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Possum

Dearest Possum,
When we first "began" way back when the verse that described you in every way was Romans 12:9-13. God used those verses to make me aware of what an amazing man of God you were and has continued to use those verses to amaze me with your character and the work of God in and through you.
I just wanted to honor you today for the way over the past year you have characterized verse 10: "Be devoted to one another in brotherly love." You are a loyal friend and I am so grateful to have watched you pursue spending time with your friends for fun as well as to fellowship and care for those who need it. I love how much you love to have friends and to enjoy them as gifts from God. Thank you for making our home a place of fellowship and hospitality. You lead in initiating these times and you serve me so much in all the ways you help me cook or clean to bless others.
To watch you lead the KG has deepened my love and awe that God would give you to me as a husband. Thank you for the way you prayerfully prepare for each meeting and the way you carry each of our "kids" on your heart throughout the week. It has been such a joy to watch God work through you in them as a tight knit group who sincerely love one another and love God more today than they did in July. Your care and friendship with the guys is sweet to witness. Thank you for loving them more than yourself and desiring to see them grow and be equipped for the call God has placed on them to be men. KG is what it is because of your heart for this group and your dependence on God to help you lead. Thank you for making it so easy for me to be your assistant.
I am so very grateful to be your wife and to be uniquely aware of all that God is doing in your heart and life. I love you so much baby! I can't believe all that God has given me in you: a best friend, someone who can always make me laugh, a prayer partner, a tender husband, a protector, and a provider for my every need.
(cred.: Peter Bang)
"i love you much(most beautiful darling)"


Seth and Janet said...

awww I like that pic of you two...happy birthday andree!

Peter Bang said...

you two a too sweet!