Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Day

9 innings.
8 hours plus at Nationals Park.
7 shirts (+ 3 sweatshirts and a blanket to keep Becca warm).
6 free gifts--2 lanyards, 2 rally towels, 2 t-shirts.
5 pitchers for the Nationals.
4 racing presidents (just wait for Dronkey's post tomorrow...).
3 runs scored--by the Nationals.
2 matching jerseys. (for Dronks and Puppa of course.)
1 walk off home run.

being there on Opening Night: priceless.

[Thanks for driving Doc! As much as you respected Andree for wearing his jersey to church this morning, he now respects your driving skills even more. (Not kidding.) We had a great time with you all: Cowans, Brewers, Mays, Glabbs, and Mr. Tiren. Goooooooooooo Nats!!]


Jean said...

We saw history being made last night, didn't we? What a blast to be with you! Let's do it again....and again.....and again...

Peter Bang said...

dronkey, you have the coolest mom & dad!