Monday, July 18, 2011

Halfway There

On Sunday we hit the halfway point of this little babe's residence inside my growing belly and him finally being in our arms. I've never been someone who enjoyed the heat of summer too much and fall is my favorite season but this year I just can't wait until December. I've never looked forward to it more.

  • Son. Little babe is a boy! I really felt like I 'knew' that this one was going to be a boy (unnervingly revealed to the dear husband when I pulled out the small stash of clearance baby clothes I've already amassed and Dre realized they were all for a boy being born this winter) though I would not have been disappointed in any way, shape, or form if he has been a she. But he is most definitely a he and a very proud one at that. ;-)
  • Nicknames. Considering how many nicknames Dre and I have for each other and our friends not to mention the legacy of Miss Meeper I'm somewhat 'surprised' that our little baby doesn't have a nickname that's really stuck thus far. "Bacon," the KG's term of endearment for our some day child hasn't really caught on with the father-to-be who would prefer his prodigy not be named after a food. I think I most often call him "Bug" but I'm not sure it's reached nickname status yet. Audrey for whatever reason associates the baby with a duck, particularly when she sees any sonogram picture (3-D or otherwise). So there's always "Ducky" but considering that refers to Audrey's large plastic duck from Cape May and the baby I'm not sure that's gonna stick. Mostly baby is just "Baby" and that's alright with us because we're just so grateful there is a baby. :-)
  • Weight. I finally started gaining a few weeks ago and am thankfully on track. For whatever reason gaining weight was a fear of mine but no problems there so far. I officially weigh more than I ever have in my life and I am quite proud of that. 
  • Cravings. I think I've had more aversions than cravings and for whatever reason Baby doesn't prefer some of my most favorite foods. (Namely, potatoes and french fries.) If I do want something I'll want it desperately for about three days and then be sick of it. Foods that have gone that route so far: bean burritos, PB&honey, pretzels, birch beer, green onion bagels from Panera, and many others. Most of the time if you offer me a shaved ice or snow cone I won't say no, especially if it's cherry flavored. After not being able to eat ground beef for the first trimester and start of the second I'm back to eating it and the first week I could stomach it probably ate five burgers in seven days, all with pickles of course. 

Other than that, the daily adventure of being pregnant, life continues. Hopefully this blog will get a bit more attention in the weeks to come. We've certainly got plenty of adventures ahead to keep it going!


kelly c said...

i think this is my most fave klessmas time post ever. yes, actually it is.
i am beyond happy for you two (three)!!!!
becca, you will be such an amazing momma. i am excited to see you in your new role!!!
praying for you & rejoicing with you!!!
ps - luigi's real italian ice is on sale at giant.

Jesse and Rose said...

I am so excited that you are posting again!