Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Get By

In the infamous words of my husband, here's the thing... I am thrilled to be pregnant. I am so grateful. I am so excited. I am so overwhelmed by the fact. But good-ness! It is all consuming in a way nothing, particularly no "sickness" I've had (and I'm a pro at being sick), has ever been. We're just getting our toes into the second trimester and I'm certainly feeling "better" than I did even a few weeks ago but sheesh! I have never been sick like the last few months and could not imagine this kind of sick. Don't worry I'm not going to go into details, just laying out some background. ;-)

Being sick, attempting to continue working full-time, being a wife, and just staying alive has seemed like more than I could handle on many days. And I just wanted to list, because I don't want to forget, the many kindnesses I've been shown in only these first months.

First of all, I know there were many prayers for us to have a little babe from so many different friends in so many different parts of our lives. And I am grateful to have been aware and unaware of how many people were carrying this on their hearts for us.
Then there's my best-friend-who-might-as-well-be-my-sister. When I was first hit with being super sick I came home from care group one night and found a nearly spotless apartment. She cleaned, folded things, put away things, took out the trash, annnnd threw out all the food that had been long forgotten by me in my fridge. And that's just the 'big' thing she did for me. She's made me corn bread when it was the only thing that sounded good, she's picked up random food for me while out on errands, bought me pedialyte when I needed the hydration help, and been kind and gentle when I've "made memories" while we're out doing errands. ;-)
Add the many other friends who have brought me baked potatoes or tortilla soup when they weren't coming over for anything else. The friends who have encouraged me and told me this wouldn't last forever--and if it did that I'd make it. There's the texts from my mom (and in-laws) that always remind me how sweet this little life is. My dad picking me up from a party so I could crash on their couch and Dre could stay and enjoy time with friends. The sweet excitement so many of our friends share with us every time they see us. Oh and my little bestie who thinks the baby is a duck.
I am so grateful for you all. I am blessed with more friends than I can name (and most of you who don't have links for me to show you off :-P).

And I can't forget my dear, patient, forbearing, understanding husband. He has been amazing. I mean, I'm not saying I didn't think he'd be helpful and kind and patient but he's far surpassed any expectation I had for being the husband of a crazy pregnant lady. He's gone to more random places to get me food at random times than I can remember, rubbed my back and hugged me when I felt miserable, patiently put up with me when I "made memories" when we were out and about, reminded me to take my vitamins, prayed for me when I was discouraged, and told the baby to be nice to me.


Ruth said...

This post makes me happy. Not about you "making memories" but even the fact you get to write about "making memories".

Love it when the dad's tell the babies to be nice to mommy. :)

Janet said...

so glad we all have each other. and so glad that God knew you needed to be downstairs when baby K came along. :0

in spite of all the special memories, these are very happy times and oh so worth it to hold that sweet baby who we all love so much!

Katie said...

Becca! I had no idea you were pregnant! This is so exciting :) I am terribly sorry reading about your sickness, I will be lifting you up in prayer! I am so happy for you two, what a beautiful baby he/she will be!