Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Little Son

When we first found out I was pregnant I 'knew' it was a boy. I don't know how I knew or what that even means but there was just a feeling in my gut and my heart that this little babe was our son. The one we've been waiting for and the one we can't wait to hold. As soon as the sonogram tech turned on the machine she too knew that it was a boy. Let's just say little man is already a daddy's boy and not shy. ;-) I wouldn't have been shocked or disappointed if he was a she instead; I don't even know if I could have felt happier just to see that little one jumping all over the screen healthy as can be. (And he was practically jumping; both the doctor and the tech commented that he was not one of the "most cooperative babies [they've] ever scanned." :-P)

It's amazing to me the feeling of 'knowing' our child in the tiniest of ways before he's in our arms. Whether it's his gender or how he seems to come alive at the sound of the shower or way he already responds to his daddy's voice, I love the bits of knowing and relationship that are already developing for our little family. What really stuns me is the verse that has echoed in my heart since the day I told Dre we were gonna have a little of our own this winter. "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you" says God in Jeremiah 1:5. And He doesn't just mean He knows our gender or our birthdate but He knows us. No aspect of our lives, the timing of circumstances or situations in our lives surprises Him or catches Him off guard. No response in our hearts or in our foolish or commendable behavior come as a surprise to Him. There are many things I already pray for this little man but more than what I pray or the plans I have for his nursery or the dreams I have of watching him with his daddy, the excitement I have of knowing that God already knows him and his future and has a good and prefect plan for his life brings so much peace and hope as I look ahead to our little son. I'm so glad Dre and I get to be a big part of it!


Ruth said...

Here here! Can't even tell you how excited I am to do this with you. :)

Brandy said...

So excited for you. Little boys are lots of fun!! Cherish this special time you have until your little one arrives!:O)