Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Meepies

It's so funny. You grow up. You get married. Your friends get married. And then there are the "I think I'm pregnant???" phone calls--and then, nine months later, a little baby comes into not just your friend's life but yours. I can't believe that a full year has passed since Little Audrey made her shrieking entry into the world. It still stands as one of the most amazing days of my life watching my best friend become a mommy and meeting this tiny, incredible human being. Little A you have been such a gift to so many with your smiles, your 'pats' and your instinct for knowing who needs a laugh or a snuggle. It's been so fun to watch you grow over the last year and see your little personality develop. God has used you in such unique ways to help me wait for our little babies to come.

And Janks. Wow. What an amazing mother you are. I hope I can be half the one you are some day. Your peace, your patience, your selflessness, and just your "ability" to love and care for your little girl amaze me. I can't wait to be mommies together some day. (Same goes for you Seth. My respect for you has only grown the last year in watching you love your wife and your daughter and so obviously enjoy the sweet life God has given you with your girls. I'm so glad you married my best friend.)

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Mari said...

Lovely post. I'm sure A loves and is soo grateful for her aunt!