Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Columbus Day

Andree was able to come home for a whirlwind visit over Columbus Day weekend. It's amazing how simply normal it felt to have him back in day-to-day life after all the time apart. He had planned a special date day up in Frederick for us and surprised me with lunch at Volt! We loved our dinner there at Valentine's but somehow lunch was even better! Maybe it was the more relaxed atmosphere, but man. So good! We then went and had coffee and dessert at Beans in the Belfry and a walk down by the C&O Canal "in the woods" which is one of my favorite things (though not Dre's). It was a sweet time of reconnecting and just enjoying being together in the same place again. The rest of the weekend was spent with mini visits with friends, Dre meeting new babies, and quick hangout times with our families.
And the best part was I got packed back up with Dre's luggage and flew back to Oklahoma with him for a few weeks!! Being with my best friend in the world, my most amazing husband, and someone as hysterical and fun to be with as Andree is my absolute favorite thing.

Walker, cutest little boy on the block and Andree's best friend's first baby.
Sweet lil' Alannah, born just in time for us to visit (though we did bypass the hospital coming home from the aiport)...
Pork tenderloin and brussel sprouts. My eight year old self would never understand how delicious this was.
I loathe beets. Except at high end restaurants apparently. Because I loved these! And I'm still craving the balsamic vinegar. So, so good.

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