Monday, November 08, 2010

The Deep Freeze

Like I mentioned earlier, I started preparing to leave my love in Oklahoma within the first few weeks we were there. I would make a meal and make more than enough for the two of us and put two dinner servings of the same meal in the freezer for Andree to have. (It's not that Andree won't cook; he can make plenty of delicious meals but odds are left to his own the drive-thru of Sonic would be far more appealing than working to make a home-cooked meal.)

This is how his freezer looked by the time I left: batches of chicken enchiladas, tons of chicken taco meat, pizza doughs mixed and frozen, fresh bread, beef-and-buffalo meat sauce, beef-and-buffalo chili, corn muffins, zucchini-apple muffins, homemade granola, and the various leftovers of stewed chicken or soy-ginger chicken.
Oh and of course, homemade chocolate chip cookies and brownies portioned out and frozen for adding to his lunches!

It was hard to leave him for five weeks (still feel queasy when I think of being apart that long :-/) but somehow it helped to be able to prepare and find a way to care for and be his wife even from a distance by stocking his fridge with food I made just for him.

This was his "instruction manual" on what was in the freezer, what he should buy (fresh fruit and vegetables!!), suggestions on what to make, and tips on important things bachelors always need remind of like how to make rice. (Who am I kidding, I can't make rice without looking up a 'recipe' for reassurance!)


Sarah said...

You are such an amazingly good wife. I want to be like you! Looking forward to seeing you on Friday and can't wait until you are both back here again!!

Andrea said...

two words: rice cooker.

seriously. $20 at target. get the one that steams veggies in the top. :)

praying for you during this last stretch apart. you are doing a fabulous job supporting and helping your man. :)

Becca said...

mmmyes I heart our rice cooker. I brought my crock pot to OKC but not the rice cooker. I whole-heartedly agree: it's pretty much the best. :-)