Saturday, December 01, 2012

Behr's 'First' Advent

My favorite time of year might just be the "advent season." I love holidays. I love celebrating all sorts of anniversaries. I'm a strict "no Christmas music, movies, or decorating until December 1st" stickler. But man. Somehow all of that plus now the addition of a little boy means I just love the unique opportunity to countdown, anticipate, and savor the Christmas season.

This year's advent calendar came from a link via Pintrest (seriously, what was life like before the internet) and I love how it turned out. Inside each box is a piece of paper with a story for the night from his Jesus Storybook Bible and a treat or something we can do together. Tonight was three new Christmas board books tomorrow is going to see a Living Nativity. I think I love the 'forced family' time of these days and the focus on savoring a moment in each day even though it's in the midst of the busiest time of the year. I will say the faces Behr was making when Dre read our reading tonight were a glimpse ten years into the future. Baby boy doesn't know how to do an eye roll yet but with those eyebrows he sure has already mastered the "ohgoshdaaaad" face.

So far it's been a season of crafting. My Christmas list is a mile long of projects to sew and craft together. Fingers crossed I get them all done. So far I've put together Behr's first advent calendar (well really I guess he participated last year when Dada read the verses or we did little things last year but in so many ways this feels like his first Christmas even if it's his second). I'm hoping that with a tweak or two it lasts for at least two to three years. This year Mama's going to open the boxes but next year I think Behr will love opening the little boxes with his little big boy fingers.

My other major crafting success thus far has been stockings. I cut these a year ago which really is the trick to my success. Any time I sew I have to designate time to cut and pin and then a day or two to wait in between because I need a break. I'm not a patient crafter. I either hurry up and make a mess of my project or I space out the steps. A lot. Hence stockings sewed together a year after they were cut. But hey they turned out great so I'm happy.
I love homemade. I love the imperfection and the obvious (coughcoughcrookedstitches) sign of our own hands at work in our home. There's just something about it that's special. I'm not about to start making our clothes (though I am hoping to make Behr PJ pants but that doesn't sound as insane) but when I can make something and save eighty dollars it seems worth the labor and time.

Happy Klessmas!

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