Monday, December 03, 2012

Behr's Words

Behr's first "words." Just because he's my favorite and I have to remember somehow.

Mama. Dada. ByeBye. Hi. Bath ("ba"). Banana ("nana!!")...annnnnd "OhWow"? I don't think Dre or I say it all that much but he really seems to 'say' "ohhhwooooaaa" in response to different things like opening a present or checking out something new. This guy. We love him. [PS I wouldn't say he really 'talks' so much as he communicates. Some day we'll get to hear what's happening in his little brain as he watches his world but for now we're just enjoying the things he chooses to mimic and are well aware that for every sweet "Mama" he says in recognition there's a week's worth of nights of him screaming "maaaaaaamaaaaa!" when he doesn't want to go to bed.]

Where we find him all too often. Oy. Boys.
Behr will not use this type of paci. He's refused it since he was born. But ever since Edy was born and was into these....Behr suddenly is pretty attached to them whenever he can find one. Particularly if they're pink and left behind by his buddy Edy.

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