Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Well it happened: my sweet little babe is now completely and entirely grown up. He moves. By himself. From place to place. To wreak whatever havoc he imagines on various parts of the house. And we love him all the more for it.

Last Monday started the same as any other but just before bedtime Behr crawled, like he'd been doing it for months, across his little rug to his bathtub basket in his changing table. The object he was motivated to crawl to retrieve: his hairbrush, go figure!

Hairbrush trophy!
The little man hasn't stopped moving since! I knew that him moving would shake things up but I really had a hard time wrapping my mind around how much a mobile, extremely curious monkey would change things. It messes with his sleep (he moves allllll over his crib and while the moving doesn't seem to wake him--just like his dada--when he randomly manages to sit up in his sleep he doesn't know how to lie back down and that wakes and keeps him up). It results in so many bumps on his sweet little head and so many frustrations when he gets "stuck" which is generally him stuck half perched on a bookshelf or a table or the couch (though so far life is much less frustrating now that he can actually crawl). He crawls so he can get to things or pull up on things. Cords, outlets, the kitchen, paper, well really anything is his goal. This week his fascination is a bag of onions that I keep in the kitchen and really, while it makes a small mess to clean up the dry peels of skin every time I've been in the kitchen with him it's really a small price to pay for keeping him entertained and safely away from other objects.

Little frog crawl-ing boy.

Oh that guilty face...and a bag of onions on the floor. ;-)

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