Saturday, July 07, 2012

In the last month our little Behr has...

  • Really, truly gotten on a consistent genuine schedule. It wasn't that he was all over the place before but now he's rather predictable in terms of waking, napping, and going down for the night. We're still working on helping him stick to it so that hopefully he'll be even more adaptable down the road.

  • Taken to eating "solids" of all types. Sweet potatoes and carrots trouble his tummy but he won't turn any type of food down. He will literally eat until he's sick. I don't think he has a favorite food. His favorite is food! This week to celebrate his seven months I started giving him finger foods and he thinks that's a very fun game. It took help from me and his best buddy Audrey but he ate half a banana in pieces the other day and a handful of "puffs" today. 

  • Gone to the pool at least once a week and still loves it. As soon as we walk up the hill he starts waving his arms and "jumping" in our arms.

    •  Started to pant like a little puppy dog when there's something he wants or is excited about. From jumping in his jumpy-seat to hearing Dada walk in the door or waiting for his dinner he "pants" sometimes with his little tongue out. It's pretty darn cute even if I have no idea where he got it. 
    • Turned into an all-boy little boy. He bangs on things, growls, is obsessed with wheels and pushing things, and spitting/blowing bubbles. It's like he knows that he's a boy in the midst of a sea of little girls. After one particular play date with his little friends (Audrey, Irene, and Edith) he started growling and making really guttural sounds to communicate and/or get other peoples' attention. 

    • Demonstrated that he understands more and more of what we say. He clearly responds to his name when called. He bats his lashes and leans into my face when I say "noses." And today stared at the door and started panting (see above) when I announced that Dada was home! This also comes with an unfolding little temper when he can't have what he wants or do what he wants.
    • Gotten somewhat mobile and scarily close to crawling. When left on the ground he will flop onto his belly and wiggle to what he wants to reach. He gets up on his knees and "rocks." He seems to know he needs to move his little legs because he'll be up on all fours and then hang his head down to stare at his legs as if trying to coax them to move with him. He also loves to stand up and will pull himself up to stand on anything sturdy enough to hold him (or that he thinks is sturdy). 
    Little Puppy playing on Mama & Dada's bed.

    We love you darling boy. You are more fun than we ever imagined when we met you seven months and one day ago.

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    I'm Kristen said...

    favorite little baby boy in the whole world. even though he's getting so big and will probably be riding a bike by the wedding... it IS going so fast!