Tuesday, June 26, 2012

K.Snyd / Aunt Titi / Mrs. Morris-To-Be

Sometimes we refer to her as K.Snyd. Sometimes we refer to her as our friend (as in, finally, we're friends). Sometimes we refer to her as our little sister (I mean you don't go on 'family vacations' with anyone but family). Sometimes we refer to her as our grown-up adopted daughter. Her ringtone in my phone is the same ringer I have for all my [former] KG girls but it almost never rings with an actual call for her since we spend about 75% of the day texting if we're not sitting in the same room. She's certainly become one of our best friends and a member of our family in so many ways.

The past year has flown by and I can't believe it's already time for our dear friend/sister/daughter to move out and begin to set-up the home she will oh-so-soon share with her very own dear husband (44 days Kristen...). I can't picture the past year and all the changes in our little family without her playing a part. I told her I was pregnant in a dollar store. I have no idea what we were shopping for but I'm pretty sure it was following a grocery store trip together which harkens back to how we began our friendship--trips to the store or CVS (coupons!!) so we could spend time talking yet get things done. She was there when we found out we got the house and there for the home inspection as we all sat around in mild disbelief that this mess of a house was ours and there the day we started and finished painting and moved in. She was there when I had an epic pregnancy hormone induced meltdown over painting the nursery walls on a random Thursday night and quietly took over the project (and others) to keep me sane and my marriage happy. She was there, hovering in the hallway, helping Dre get things ready, printing the 100 extra copies of our birth plan and making Dre a lunchbox full of snacks, when we left for the hospital to have our baby boy. She was there waiting all night in the waiting room and gently entering the room with her camera to capture some of Behr's first moments outside the womb. She was there when we brought our Behr home from the hospital; she had made a delicious and bountiful feast of yummy food, had already printed pictures of our sweet son and had even had our home cleaned top to bottom by the basketball team she coached. (Go Cougars!!) She was there when I had to let my little son cry on nights when there was simply nothing left for me to do but let him go to sleep on his own. She's been there on mornings I'm just so tired, creeping up the stairs from the living room to scoop Behr out of his bed and take him downstairs to play so I can sleep a bit more. Kristen is very much a friend who is "there." She hustles and bustles throughout her week being there for many people either seeking to serve, be a friend, meet a need, or capture a wedding.

K.Snyd you are without a doubt the messiest person I know. ;-) Yet it has been a joy to share our home with you messes and all. You have made the first few months of motherhood and home ownership easier as you've come along to help me and be patient with our way of doing things. I can't really imagine coming down in the morning without you there waking up on the couch (or already done cleaning the house top to bottom and making a five course dinner by 10am). I can't imagine my evenings when Dre works nights without Caleb walking through the door to make 100 burgers on the George Foreman. I don't know who will miss you the most among our little family: you've been my life saver, Behr's playmate, and Dre's late night TV companion (or wait is that Caleb) and deep conversation haver. We are all so thrilled for you to be able to enjoy some family time and even more so for you to be prepping to be a wifey. So many prayers come true. ;-) We love you friend. Can't wait to continue the friendship and enjoy being wives (and hopefully mommies!) together soon. And no matter what I'm glad you'll never be able to forget that one fall you visited us in Oklahoma. God works in mysterious ways.


Lydia Jane said...

STOP MAKING ME CRY. This is so sweet. Lawd.

Donna-Jean said...

oh my! what a beautiful post. this is so adorable.

jamiedelaine said...


that's me smiling.

I'm Kristen said...

Oh man. You sure know how to make a girl feel loved and special. You're the best and have never ever made me feel anything but welcome and cared for by your family.

Can you teach me how to be like you? :)

kendra said...

this is so adorable! you guyz!