Monday, August 06, 2012

Two Thirds //

Oh this little boy. How can he be eight months old already?! Life with him is just so much fun! There is nothing better than the moments he crawls over to give me a kiss when I'm crashed on his floor because he's up far too early for this mama (but slept all night so how can I complain?) or when I hear him and Dada laughing at each other in the other room or when he marvels at new sounds like hearing a train or how chatters in the backseat of the car or how proud he is when he figures out different things (like somehow opening his water bottle and making a puddle to splash in on the dining room floor). We love our little Behr and still cannot believe he's really ours.

The last month has had many highlights including but not limited to:

Learning to obey/listen to Mama. I love this pose of "I'm juuust looking not touching Mom." Fans and cords are the main no-touch in his little world.
Becoming a good sleeper. He's never been a bad sleeper he's just not a record-setting sleeper and that's ok. We've settled into some good sleep habits though and especially as a little boy who never stops moving he needs his rest.
Giving kisses. He is particularly affectionate toward me and his buddies Audrey and Edy. We figured out a few weeks ago that he thinks the open mouth attack is equivalent to a kiss. I guess he must find us very forceful in our affection cuz he sure tries to take you out with his kisses.
Baths of any kind are his favorite. Actually water of any kind is. He scampers to the bathroom or kitchen if he hears water running and gets some "bath time" nearly every day just cuz it makes him so happy.
Playing with his little friends. He and Audrey are learning to share and Edy is getting so close to participating with them. I'm not sure what A is going to do when there are two babies vying for her attention and participation but they both adore her.
We took a family day trip to the zoo (with Miss Meeps too) and Behr loved the meerkats. They were so busy in their little enclosure and he just gasped with delight watching them run around. He likes to watch videos of them on YouTube now too. It's the sweetest thing.

Little boy you bring such joy to your mommy and daddy. You make every day more fun even when you're a mess because of your stubborn teeth or when you simply do not stop moving all day long and keep me on my toes catching up to you and keeping you out of trouble. We love you busy boy!

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Krista said...

Oh my, how cute is he!? Such a happy boy! I laughed at the you passed out on the floor part because I to have already found myself there! Being a mama is grand and I love seeing you enjoy it!