Saturday, April 07, 2012

Baby Buddies

One of Behr's favorite people in the whole wide world is Audrey. She's his little buddy. She teaches him all kinds of important things and helps with his diaper changes, paci, and all kinds of mischief already. I really can't wait to watch them be friends as they get older and see what kind of trouble they get into. I mean seriously. Look at that smile in the picture below: Meeps can do no wrong in Little Behr's eyes.

In the early, early morning hours last Saturday, while Behr was sleeping in his little bed, Audrey became a big sister. I got to be there to welcome Edith into the world and it was once again one of the most incredible and amazing experiences of my life. I think I could have a dozen children of my own and witness a hundred children be born and never get over the wonder of life. It's incredible.
Janet had a fast and furious hospital labor (I barely know what to call it considering she was pretty much in labor for weeks after being on bedrest for over a month to keep her little girl from coming early) but all I could think the entire time was how kind of God it was that she was coming then and not a few hours later since Dre and I were heading out of town on Saturday and I sure didn't want to miss meeting my best friend's baby. Waiting for her to go into labor and watching her labor after having a child of my own was a whole new experience. I told Janet at one point I didn't know how to pray for her to be in that sort of pain after knowing how it felt (or at least what I experienced; I'm sure it's different for everyone). But thankfully it went insanely fast and I was home and back in bed before Dre even left for work that morning. Before we headed out of town Dre wanted to go meet the baby and of course Behr had to meet his new friend.

Behr is the perfect age right now for his new little friend. He stares and stares at her and sure isn't really sure what to think but is very intrigued especially when she waves her hands or legs around. Eventually he was more attracted to the pattern on her blanket and tried to steal it away and chew on it. Silly kid.

Janet is "like family" to me. She is truly the friend who sticks closer then a brother and I cannot imagine life without her. The Remsnyders are very special to us Klesses. We love you little family and love watching your family grow. Lord-willing these three will be friends and we parents will survive their misadventures together. If their personalities continue the way they are I'm pretty sure Audrey will be the ring leader, Behr her happy accomplish and the one who does her dirty work, and Edith will just gracefully follow along and keep them from getting into too much trouble.

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Janet said...

man, what would I do without you? I'm so glad you literally live right down the street. Can't wait to watch our babies grow up together.