Friday, April 06, 2012

A Third of a Year

What??! A baby who is a third of a year old? Four months of this little man being in our arms and his giggles and cries filling our house?? How did that happen?! I have no idea but we are more in love with him and more amazed at watching him grow and learn about his world every day.

Oh those arms. His little arms have been a favorite of mine since day one. Though back then they were skinny and hairy and now they've got sweet soft little pudge that I love to squeeze.
Last week our little man rolled from front to back for the first time. I lay him down for "tummy time" and he immediately rolled over. But the stubborn dude hasn't done it again since. He doesn't mind "tummy time" as much now and likes to chatter while lying on his blanket. He almost always winds up spitting up while on his tummy even if it's been hours since he ate. Go figure? // His new toy is an exersaucer and I'm pretty much in awe of  how he's changed even in 24 hours. One morning he played in it and pretty much just "hung" there and batted at his toys. The next morning we plopped him in and he steadied himself with his feet, attempted to "stand," and hit whatever toy had his attention. Over and over and over. I still haven't gotten over observing that dramatic change in his development. My little boy is growing up!
Sweet boy napping in a big bed. He's such a little man: he loves to have his pants off and onesies undone. If everything else fails it's typically a guaranteed way to soothe his fussies.
This past weekend we headed up to Western New York to visit Andree's grandma just outside Buffalo. The many faces of our road trip are captured above. Poor guy tried as hard as he could but teething + driving through mountains (aka elevation) + hours and hours in the car wasn't his favorite adventure ever. He did great interacting with new faces and gave lots of smiles and chatter to Great Grandma Kless and Uncle Dave and Aunt Diane. He survived the hours in the car though and of course won't remember the "trauma." His reaction and behavior when we finally got home Monday night were almost worth the entire trip. He was SO happy. We set his car seat down and he immediately started kicking and rocking his seat. When we took him out and handed him to Kristen and Caleb he started chattering and telling them all about his trip. He'd lean back, look around, laugh, and then nuzzle into Caleb. Until bedtime he just talked and talked and talked. Poor sweet boy. I love him and his little developing personality so much.

Little Behr, we could not love you more. Four months in and being your parents has been the biggest joy in our lives and no matter what our nights with you look like (sometimes only waking up once, sometimes waking up three times to feed and comfort you) we wake up each morning excited to get you out of your bed and spend our day playing and being with you. We are so grateful for you son. So, so grateful.

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