Sunday, May 06, 2012

Five Whole Months

Five months with the sweetest little boy I've ever known: where is the time going?! There are mornings nearly every week--and sometimes nap times--where when I get Behr out of his bed he just looks "older." Like in the few hours he spent sleeping he grew up on me. It breaks my heart a little bit and yet makes me so excited for the fun to come of having a little boy instead of a baby. I feel like I know this little guy pretty well right now and can tell when he's sad or when he's hurting or when he's just being silly but I can't wait to watch and see what he's like as he grows into a little boy--and to see what kind of toddler he is. Hopefully an adventurous one that isn't too destructive. ;-) Here's a few favorite pictures from the last few weeks.

Doesn't he just look like such a big guy? Knocked out at nap time in his cool clothes. The Ewok in the top right corner starts every bed time or nap time upright at his side and somehow ends every bed time or nap time flung to the opposite corner and usually with is little cloak torn off. Behr likes to pat him as he falls asleep and apparently at some point either the Ewok comes alive or Behr gets aggressive. 
Mondays are our "Dada Days" and we usually spend the whole day together as a family having little adventures like trips to Home Depot or the library or out to lunch or picnics. We've almost always included a trip to the swings across the street on nice days too--and then often make other trips with Little A as well. Behr loves to be outside and he loves the swings. His little legs kick furiously and he giggles and spits at the air. He really can't get much cuter.
Behr's biggest accomplishment and goal in life each day is to get his toes into his mouth. Apparently they're the perfect chew toy for his sore gums. He gets this very proud look in his eye when he manages to get his toes in and chews and chews and gets them all drooly. Drool is the defining feature of his world these days. He soaks through his clothes and my clothes and anything he gets his hands on. When he's been in his bumbo seat for a while it's usually coated in slobber. Deeeelicious.
And we officially have a mover! Behr's not big on rolling over. He can and does but he's not too concerned about it. (He typically only rolls over "without thinking about it" like when I lay him down on his tummy he'll do a quick roll but if I put him back on his tummy he'll just play there for 15-20 minutes rather than roll again.) What he does do is scootch. Be it on his back or on his tummy he wiggles all over the place now. Many times at bed time if he's having a hard time settling down we'll go in and find him jammed into the corner of his crib. He's a silly little bug and doesn't yet seem to do it because he wants to get somewhere or get something. The months to come are only going to be filled with more realizations that he can control his own movement. It's insane to watch a person grow up.

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