Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Little Reader

One of the things I looked forward to in the years waiting for our little man was reading books to him. I had a range of books all picked out for him from Little Oink to Farmer's Boy and a good smattering of books and topics in between. It's been so much fun to snuggle him up when he's fighting a nap or as part of our developing bedtime routine to read him a book. Books with a white background and colorful pictures on the page get him cooing right back at the pages which we're hoping means he's going to be an avid reader. ;-) I've made him an Amazon wishlist to keep track of the books I want to add to his (and his future siblings') book collection in the months and years to come. I had said prior to being pregnant that where other moms need budgets so they don't spend all the family's finances on baby clothes I was going to need one for books. I'm not sure that I don't need a budget for buying cute clothes (actually I think the grandmas need one! :-P) but I sure do need one for books. It's just too fun to buy a little book to read to my little boy on my lap.

Behr reading about bears.
Reading with Dada before bedtime.
Many of our boy's books have a common theme: dragons!!
But only the cute, cuddley, friendly kind of course!

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