Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dada Time

For our little family Sunday is Saturday and Monday is Sunday. As an air traffic controller (in training...), Dre works shift work. He works different hours on different days making our schedule a bit unique but we are continually grateful that he has this job and one he enjoys so we really have no complaints about the odd schedule. Besides, at this point he doesn't have any overnights yet so we're counting ourselves lucky while he completes his training. While having a husband/daddy who works on weekends and evenings is a little less than fun at times it does have its advantages. One of my favorite parts is our Mondays. So far they've been quiet home days with an adventure or errands thrown in. They certainly make up for the days we don't see much of Dada or we go to bed before he's home from work.

Behr is more and more interactive every day. The ceiling fan, living room curtains, Mommy, and Audrey tend to be the primary recipients of his attention and coos and laughs. Over the weekend he spent about 15 minutes laughing to himself (sweetest sound EVER) while lying on the ottoman staring at the ceiling. Yesterday morning (our "Sunday") after Behr finished a feeding and was pretty awake around 9am it was all about Dada. He was sitting upright in my lap and tried his hardest to roll himself off my lap and toward Dada while cooing and smiling and laughing away at Dada's snores. Poor Dada didn't get to sleep in after that because I woke him up to play with the little boy so desperate for his attention. I don't think he minded. ;-) The rest of the day Dada was his favorite person. He wanted Dada to hold him, settled down quickest in Dada's arms, had special time helping Dada make lunch, and played video games with Dada. It was the sweetest thing to see him have a preference for his dad and something I can't wait to see grow more and more. I treasure our family time but we only have those times because God has blessed us as a little family. I can't wait to make memories on our weekends (or whatever day Dre has off in the future) together as a family and in particular watch Behr grow in his excitement and joy over spending time with his dada.

We love you Dada! Hope you have a great "Monday" at work; we're praying for you as you train and can't wait to have you home with us after work. You're both of our favorite person in the world!!

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Anonymous said...


happy baby ! welcome behr (:

received your baby announcement
... so precious ~ so sweet !
loved your quote
here is one from me to you today ...

From there to here,
from here to there,
funny things
_Dr. Seuss.196O

what a wonderful season
enjoy ! enjoy !

love, tracey campbell