Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Opening Day

Not quite as exciting a game or outcome like last year but Opening Day was still a blast! (This year we all matched since Andree got me a Zimmerman jersey for Christmas.)
I never thought I'd be "excited" about going to a game where the weather was in the "low 50's" and cloudy but compared to in the 30's like last year or rainy like today I'll take it. It definitely wasn't the most stunning ball playing to be seen but it was good to see faces we "recognize" and in the Park we love so much. We're looking forward to many more games this year, more memories to be made with the Mays' fam (crab tailgate part dos), games on hot days, games with the KG, and maybe at least one win for the season. (The way Andree and Dronks are talking this morning we might never win again.)

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