Thursday, April 30, 2009


Some times I'm more aware than others that I'm married to an incredible man. I've actually been writing this blog post for weeks but haven't gotten past that first sentence. (He's that incredible.) But I realized today what lately has encouraged me most in observing the life of my husband. Andree is a man of hope. One of my biggest weaknesses is the way I give into believing lies and unbelief. My husband was clearly created to be my husband because of how he not only encourages me in my weakness but provides such a strong example for me of what it looks like to hope in the Lord and persevere in faith.
This year hasn't been the easiest one for our little family; the hurting economy has come home to our little LoveNest to put it one way. God's presence and provision have been more real to me in the last few months than I ever experienced previously. Through it all Dre's faith has been rock solid. He has never expressed doubt in this being part of God's plan even if he doesn't know how or why God is choosing these circumstances for us. He has never suggested that God is not good or able to provide exactly what we need in His perfect timing. His reminders of truth have helped correct my wrong-thinking and his example has challenged my foolish heart.

Most of you know what we're praying God provides Andree in terms of work and a career. I cannot wait to see how and in what specific ways God gives to Andree the desires of his heart. I love his excitement and interest in this possible career. I love his excitement over the possibilities it would have for us. At times I am fearful about praying for all these things to happen because I know how much he wants them (oh and I do too by the way) but there again is where I don't rightly understand hope the way my husband does. God promises us that "hope does not disappoint us, because God pour out His love for us into our hearts by the Holy Spirit whom He has given us" (Rom 5:5). We're not told that we will have everything we want in life, a life without pain or struggle, or be rich. But we are told, we are promised, that God who is all-sovereign, who is all-powerful, who is limitless in His resources, who is wiser than our imaginations can fathom is working all circumstances for our good and has a purpose for us that is "not to harm" (Jere 29:11). My Andree is the greatest example of walking in the good of this by his unshakable faith and I just thought the whole world should know that.

So there's an update that's more than a recipe: my husband is

Husband, I love you. Much.

take a look at what I've got
I can't promise you a lot
but you and me
and the road ahead

wherever that wind might blow
wherever that river rolls
you know i will go with you

looking over
the mountain's crown
the water roars
and tumbles down
like you and me
and the road ahead
-Tom Petty, You & Me*
(bonus points to anyone who knows what movie this song was in that my hubs loves...)

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