Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Seester

One time a long, long time ago God gave me a leetle seester. I really wanted a little brother but as she's grown up and stopped biting me I've decided she's a keeper, particular now that we wear the same size clothes. ;-)

On Mother's Day weekend she graduated from college with an education degree. Cynth has been my younger sister as long as I've known her (obvious?) but since I became a Christian in high school she's been a younger sister I look up to. She is a consistent and faithful believer who truly seeks to do God's will in big and small things regardless of the sacrifice involved. A big example of this was her choice of colleges. While most of her classmates stayed put and went to MC or local schools (not knocking that: I did that too!!) she chose to go away. And she chose to a very particular school: Liberty University. And she's done very well there. It's been an encouragement to watch her entire college career be blessed and full of friendships, enjoyable classes (with the occasional miserable one thrown in of course), and a clearer direction of what she believes God is calling her to do after LU. And once again she's testing the waters and wiggling the door handles to see what God's next step for her would be. I'm excited to see how God blesses her pursuit of Him and heart's desire to honor Him. I'm praying for you Stinkia! Praying hard!

One other highlight for the weekend was spending special time with my family including my grandparents and Cathy. We got to make the road trip to graduation with Cathy and shared Harry Potter CDs with her and introduced Andree to Eustace and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. (The dronkies weren't too sure what to make of him turning into a dragon.) The night after graduation there was a Parcheesi show-down in the hotel lobby. Andree thought he could keep up and he did wind up winning but Grandma is not messing around when she plays board games. ;-)

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