Sunday, December 28, 2008

KG Christmas

This year we attended 3 Christmas parties, all in one weekend which made for a busy season of festivities. We had a fun CG Leaders Christmas at the Smith's house and then later that evening caught the tail-end of the Remy's holiday gathering. The final party of our Christmas season (and weekend!) was a special "KG Dinner Party hosted by the KG men in honor of the KG ladies" and oh what a blast it was! I can't help but detail it here for memory's sake.

Those boys made us (Andree and I, as well as every girl in the KG) so proud. The evening started off with a limo (!!) picking up the girls to drive them out Josh Cooper's house where the boys took coats and had appetizers and drinks waiting. Then they led the girls to the dining table where there were place cards which doubled as encouragement notes for each girl and a salad. Next Chef D-Sav had created a delicious chicken alfredo entree. The boys were so adorable (and manly of course) serving the food, refilling drinks, and attending to every need. They had even planned out dinner conversation by giving Andree and Bryce the responsiblity of dinner conversation so there was never a dull moment. (Especially once we found out Bryce had googled for conversation topics.) After dinner the girls were served tea (a KG ladies favorite) in the living room and entertained by the one and only Josh Cooper performing on cello (another favorite) while the boys prepared the cheesecake with strawberry drizzle dessert. I think one of the highlights of the evening was when the boys disappeared for a few minutes upstairs and then came back dressed as each other and put on a skit for us which gave us a behind the scenes look at the men's meetings planning the evening. -- Guys, I know we've told you and we probably won't ever get over how incredible the evening was. Your intentionality in the plans you made to bless and surprise each of us was such a joy to witness. Our expectations were blown away and the night was one for the memory books.

The Amazing KG Men (minus Eric and Nick): Bryce (as D-Sav), Neal (as Bryce), Stephen (as Neal), Josh (as Stephen), Andree (as Josh), & D-Sav (as Dre).
My darling, what a joy it is to watch you lead and befriend these men. You do such an excellent job of leading this care group and the ways in which you motivate with the gospel, lead with love, and sincerely care for each and every member of our group and have made them your/our friends make me love you more. I remember not too long ago attending a care group dinner put on and hosted by the care group men in the Garf/Fam days. I remember it most of all because that was the first night we hugged, simply as friends but somehow I remember it. Must have been a sign. I love you baby! I cannot wait to watch you similarly lead and teach our sons someday.

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Jess said...

Sounds like you guys are amazing CG leaders!!! Way to go! I know you are such a blessing to your gruop of singles.