Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Klessmas

All the Dronkies under the tree with their presents.

This year we did something different for Christmas. In the past we've spent Christmas Eve with the Kless family and then flown to NY on Christmas morning (bright and early!) to be with the Price family at my grandparents house. This year we spent Christmas Eve with the Klesses but instead of heading to NY spent our own quiet Christmas at home together. We slept in, ate cinnamon rolls (or Dre did, I had apple cake), opened our presents (we got both each other vests!), and just relaxed. One of our favorite people Jess came over for Christmas Day with us and we watched A Christmas Story together and napped. Then we had a lovely Christmas chicken (maybe someday a turkey but for now a chicken works just fine) dinner together. It was a sweet and relaxing day, definitely the most relaxing Christmas I've ever had.--Then (thanks to the super deluxe coffeemaker my in-laws gave us the night before) we drove up to New York in the middle of the night to surprise my family when they woke up in the morning.

I don't have a very good picture of our tree this year. It's not quite as cute as it was intially, before it's numerous attempts to end its own life. But it was ours and it fit our little apartment quite well so I can't complain.
Me and Jessers before dinner. (You can see I really dressed up for Christmas this year.) I'm so grateful for her faithful friendship to both of us and the delight she takes in loving others.

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Beth said...

This blogstalker -- me -- is coming out of the woodwork with this comment for two reasons. :)

1. I just heard from someone that I haven't seen in at least seven years that they read my blog. Wow. So, I find it's nice to know who reads your blog sometimes.

2. I love your kitchen's wall color (and not just because our kitchen's wall color almost perfectly matches!).

Happy Belated Christmas and New Year, Kless family!