Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Belated Birthday

My husband is a-mazing. Simply amazing. Whenever I think I've gotten him figured out and fallen in love with him as much as I can possibly bear he does something that makes me nearly explode…

A couple weeks ago Andree told me that he had taken my birthday and the day after off of work and made certain I had the same days off (a Thursday and Friday). That was exciting and a birthday "gift" in and of itself with life being so busy these days extra time together was something I was really looking forward to. I wasn’t expecting anything other than perhaps a special DC day trip (which would have been a blast!). I worked a little late that Wednesday before to finish things up so I could take the time off work and be undistracted. The Hubs called on his way home and asked if I'd like to meet him at Baja Fresh for dinner so I didn't have to cook. Any excuse for Baja-goodness (recently obsession) sounded good to me and we had a nice yummy dinner. After we finished eating Dre gave me a birthday card which was shocking and a treat because he rarely writes notes etc. (it's not "his thing") and it really blesses me when he does. I opened the card and saw this:

We were going to Florida!! One of the many places I had never been. Where the weather was warmer and made for adventuring together. Plus for nostalgia’s sake: I first began to be hopelessly distracted by this Andree-guy when he was away in Florida for over a week with his family for Thanksgiving just after my twentieth birthday. When he left for Florida that fall I thought he was a nice guy, when he came home I was definitely interested in far more than how nice he was. And it’s all been down hill since then…

My darling boy arranged a mini-vacation for us that could not have been more perfect. We left bright and early Thursday morning (seriously, earrrrrrrly but worth it for once) and stayed through Sunday, enjoying the 70’s weather, eating (we found a Pei Wei!!), and simply being together. It was such a sweet and refreshing time being away with my husband. It was the best birthday ever and quickly ended any complaining I was doing about turning big ol’ twenty-five. Below are a few pictures from our time that Dre took and at this LINK you can find the album of pictures uploaded from my cell phone onto Facebook (you don’t have to have an account to see them).

On Friday we drove down the Florida Keys to Key West (we were staying in Ft. Lauderdale) so I could see more of Florida and for adventures. At one point we stopped at this cute little beach spot off the main road to stretch and take a break from driving. It was gorgeous and the water was so warm. The weather that day was amazing. We were getting texts that back home it was snowing. Andree was very happy to be missing that. ;-)

Me with my feets in the ocean. I could have stayed there for hours.

My Andree being an Andree. I think he was catching little fishies.

Thank you my love. You are THE best and I am so blessed to be your wife and the recipient of your love. And you are way better than a manatee, even though I really do wish I got to see one. Next time. ;-)

Sunset in Key West. Photo by Andreecito of course.


Jean said...

nicely done, dre.


kendra said...

you guys are too cute.

Frank, Gideon and Benjamin were the only ones who ever had my heart. but mostly frank. to this day... it is still frank.

Jesse & Rose said...

Happy Birthday Becca! And good job Dre!

Jean said...

tag. :)