Sunday, December 07, 2008


Welp, I got tagged. And while there's a few different versions of this going around the world wide web I'm happy to participate. (I think it's a bit like telephone: someone starts an idea and it gets tweaked and evolved and changed just a bit as it passes down the line.) Rules: 1. Go to the 6th folder on your computer 2. Pick your 6th picture in that folder and upload it to your blog/whatever 3. Comment 4. Tag others and let them know they've been tagged!

6th folder, 6th picture:
I love that picture because it so captures the two of them. You can tell Dad's making a bit of a silly face (his picture face is rather unique because he's sincerely doing his best to smile big) plus he's not so comfortable being the model for a photoshoot and Mom is just so happy with him being him.

I'm so grateful for my parents. So grateful God created me their daughter and for their example for Christ to me in the way they patiently forbore with all my foolishness and rebellion and continued to love me and extend grace to me. So grateful that they sought (and continued to seek in many ways) to help me carry my burdens in high school with the adventure of my back. So grateful for the way they befriended and sought to build into this brand new guy who suddenly showed up in all of our lives named Andree. So grateful for the way they led me/us, prayed for me/us, and cared for me/us as we walked out our relationship and into marriage. So grateful for the ways they continue to welcome us into their lives and care for us now that we're married and "on our own." I'm grateful that every once in a while when there's still only mommy that can make me feel better Dre and I can go over there and talk to her while Dad putters around the kitchen or naps on the floor. I can't imagine my life without them. I love you guys!!

*Qualification 1: this is the fourth picture in that folder. The folder only has four so I decided it counted. Picture credit to the one and only Lydia Jane.
**Qualification 2: as this is my work computer the official "Pictures" folder on my laptop is images for work and this is actually the sixth picture in that folder. I love these people so very much.
And now I say duck, duck, goooooooooose you're it to Rach you can totally do it/people are doing it on Flickr, Mums because you need to update, annnnnd (I'm big on exaggerating my words tonight) Kendra because I know you're reading this and haven't seen you do this yet. :-D

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i did it. just for you