Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding Bells

There's something so sweet about watching friends fall in love and get married.

Long ago when the Faun Ricky Alcantar came to Montgomery County he joined the Garfield care group and met Andree (and Becca). Though they had their differences of opinion (and behavior preferences?) they became good friends who enjoyed laughing together, arguing/insulting each other, spouting useless information together, and fellowshipping. Years and years before that Jennifer Snow was born seven days after Rebecca Elaine and a few years after their birth they became friends in kindgergarten (though it was always a serious point of contention who was truly older since Jenn was taller than Becca and yet Becca claimed to have seven days of superiority over Jenn).

It's been such a fun experience to watch Ricky pursue Jenn and to see him win Jenn's heart so completely. Last summer we were able to go to Cape Cod with them and Nurse Jess and had a blast together making memories that we will remember for years to come (and hopefully repeat someday). While we're sad that their marriage means Jenn moving away we are thrilled that God has brought them together and excited to see what God has instore for them in El Paso as a married couple. We love you guys and can't wait to visit, though I'm sure when we do Dre won't wear anything other than Redskins gear. ;-)

I didn't get any pictures of the wedding other than with my phone but Israel and Chavia shot* the wedding and you can see some of Chavia's stunning images here. Jenn was a gorgeous bride and seeing them "be married people" made Andree and I's hearts so excited.

& as you might have noticed or heard Dronkey attended his first wedding this past weekend. "Uncle Dick" is one of Dronks' favorite people and I'm not sure there's anyone other than Doc who gets and appreciates the Dronkey-Andree-thing more than Ricky. In honor of Uncle Dick's nuptials and Andree being a dashing groomsman in the wedding, Dronkey bought a top hat and attended the ceremony and reception as my date for when Andree was occupied with wedding party duties. I don't know if he'll get to dust off his hat for another wedding until his favorite Red Head is swept away but who knows. ;-)

*"hey Dre, you drive and I'll shoot": famous last words from Ricky in the Bronx.


Megan said...

2 year old Isabel is loving seeing pictures of your little Dronkey :-) It's almost like playing where's waldo to her.

Casey said...

Bec, when i saw you with Dronkey at the wedding as your date i didn't even think twice about it. Dronkey is a real Kless.