Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Puppy Love

Have you seen these puppies? It's addicting. Annnd stinkin' adorable! They are so stinking cute when they walk all over each other play. The Little Dronkies love them too. ;-) I want to cuddle their cute little puppyselves.
(PS if you happen to click on it sometime when they've left where the camera can see them make sure you check again later. Seriously. )


kendra said...

i LOVE it
i only just discovered puppy number 6. for a while i thought there were only 5. And I have named them ALL!

Seth and Janet said...

you are my bestest friend ever and have totally destroyed me.

Jess said...

Too, too cute. Must Dave and I really wait for kids before we get our dog?? I sent this to Dave and he loved it - brightened his day at work!

kendra said...

i thought of you this morning... when i went to look at the puppies, they didn't have their collars on. When they were finally put on, i promise, they are on the wrong dogs. i know they are. i am so upset.