Tuesday, July 01, 2008

where have we been?

Well the last post I wrote we were in our sweet little room at the Morrison-Clark Historic Hotel in DC. We enjoyed a great semi-spontaneous (Dre had it all planned but I had no idea 'til I was told to pack a bag on my lunchbreak) 48 hours away enjoying being together celebrating our anniversary. It was such a treat and I am so grateful to my love for planning and surprising me with such a sweet gift.
Of course it wouldn't be KlessmasTime if there was no baseball involved. We attempted to go to two games while in DC but only saw about 4 innings of baseball due to the rain. Any Marylanders remember the huge storm that swept through on 6/4 (our anniversary). We spent hours at the stadium that night: I loved watching the majesty of the storm over the outfield while Dre hid under the stairs avoiding the rain and pondering when we should go hide out in the bathroom in case a tornado came through. It was was intense weather!--Even with the rain we had a great time making the memory together. After we left the park on our anniversary we went out to dinner and had a great time together just "being." In such a busy season of life these days it is so nice to just "be" together sometimes. It's more refreshing than anything I know.
Within 48 hours of coming home we packed up again and headed off to the Poconos for a family vacation with the Price family. Mom and Dad rented essentially a condo at Lake Harmony and the fam. plus Murray (who may as well be family) enjoyed a long weekend together. Grandma and Grandpa and Alice even came up for an overnight which was sweet. We enjoyed meals together, laughing, caricatures, and being a family under the same roof again. Thank you Mom and Dad!--About a week before our trip Andree realized that the NASCAR race that weekend was going to be in the Poconos. He looked it up and it was less than 8 miles away from the place we were staying. How could we not go?!? ;-) Cynth, Mur, and I only survived about an hour of the race (though we were there for at least 3 hours before the race) before we packed up and started walking 'til Dad found us and brought us home. Andree stuck out the race and had a great time making friends in the stands! The picture above is our little family of race fans: Andree roots for Ryan Newman, Dronks roots for Tony Stewart (they have matching attitudes), and I root for Reed Sorenson, aka the Target car!

That's it for our summer adventures so far. Other than that we've been working hard at our jobs, trusting God and planning for the future, and enjoying special times with our families and friends when we can coordinate schedules. Life is full and it's good. We are blessed!
(Janelle, this is for you. Girlie loves her bows. :-P)

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