Thursday, July 03, 2008

those people we love

oh yea, annnnd we've been hanging out with this crew:
the latest adventures:

1. adding two newbies: Taylor and Julie. we love them already of course and can't wait to get to know them more over the next few weeks and months and watch what God does in their lives.
we've also got two great, godly guys who are doing internships at NIST temporarily a part of our group. it's been a lot of fun to welcome new guys into the group considering our official roster has 10 girls to 3 guys on it. plus these two are pretty much brilliant so our KG IQ goes up a million points when they hang out with us.

2. free haircuts.
DeeJam gave me a sweet trim before I headed into NA.
Courtney gave Andree a sweet buzz a couple weeks ago.
3. KG Summer Day # 1
in lieu of having children to plan summer vacation for Andree has planned "summer days" for the KG. one day in June, one in July, and one in August to take time off work and spend time together doing summer things like going to the beach and a theme park.
June 25th was the first summer day and a group of us spent the afternoon exploring DC. Where we surfed the Metro...
happened upon the Folklife Festival on the Mall...
we went on a carousel ride...
wandered the National Gallery...and then of course, how else would a KG summer day in DC end without a little baseball? The rest of the KG met us at the stadium where their presence proved to be the lucky charm that gave our team the win! such a fun day!

You guys are THE best!! We are so grateful for your friendships. For the way you pursue our friendship and involvement in your lives. Thank you for the investment you've made in this care group. You guys own KG and that's what makes it what it is. That and Jesus. What a gift from God you guys are to us! We're so grateful that we're all still together and looking forward to what God has in store for the coming year.
Oh and thanks for your loving "pranks." We're grateful for the ways you let us know you love us too. ;-) (Right, D-Sav?)
(Balloons that greeted us when we arrived home from our anniversary trip: Seriously these balloons were not a joke. They were huge! and there were tons! Plus there were special notes taped to the mirror and even in the balloons encouraging us and making us laugh.--Oh and as a bonus two weeks later when we finally got around to destroying them, Lyd came over early and helped with that so the loud noises didn't traumatize me too much. I'm not kidding. I left the house while she and Dre popped them all. Loud noises are no thank you!)


Susanna said...

you guys are such fun KG leaders! can i be in your group?

Joo Smith said...

Awesome! Oh by the way I have a blog now. =D