Thursday, July 24, 2008

I love my...

Somehow I missed this despite my super duper GoogleReader. :-) But here are my top 5 Love Nest tools...

1. I can't skip it just because Tess said it too: our Dyson rocks! I love that it can do more than just vacuum the carpet. It vacuums up the kitchen and bathroom floors, it sucks up cobwebs from the hard to reach corners, it freshens up the sofas, it eliminates the dust behind the headboard. It's a-mazing!!
2. Nothing makes dusting the living room, bookshelves, bedroom, and office faster or easier than these little dusting clothes. Somehow they really seem attract the dust and make it easy and mess-free to dust all our little nooks and crannies. Then I just toss them in the wash and hang dry them. We've had two of them for over a year and use them about once a week.
3. Our drying rack. We're on our second one in our marriage and probably will have more. Between Andree's polos that need to be hung try and my little clothes that can't get any littler I use it a ton. I'm grateful for boys who buy the random things off your registry. :-P
4. It's not really a tool and not really something no one knows but, the world wide web! Whether it's trouble shooting how to get rid of a fly infestation (ugh! that was so awful!), finding tricks for trapping fruit flies, or researching how to eat food that tastes good and doesn't make me hurt I can't imagine not having it. I'm so grateful to live in a world where there are so many resources right at my fingertips.
5. The biggest secret weapon I have in house-keeping is my beloved. Andree is the most amazing husband when it comes to helping me keep the house clean and organized. I am so grateful for the way he encourages me or expresses gratefulness for a clean house, clean clothes, or a clean bed. But above that he helps me. I can't imagine having to do it all on my own and the way he serves me by vacuuming (see above: the Dyson--Andree loves his Dyson), cleaning the bathtub, or just helping me pick up before company comes over I am so so grateful. Andree loves me sacrificially by being a willing participant in keeping our house neat. He keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by the housework after a long day or week of work. I'm so grateful that he's willing and eager to serve me in this area. I couldn't do it without him. Love, you make being your wife a joy!

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Ruth said...

I'm so glad Andree is so helpful with all that for you. Alex is the exact same way and it makes a WORLD of difference in our home.

Yay for wonderful husbands. :)