Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby Blue

Sadly on Wednesday August 6th we parted ways with an object that was a special part of our relationship: Big Blue. Andree's 2002 Crown Victoria was in many senses "our first car" even though Andree bought it before we were married. I got to follow him around to dealerships, get regular updates on possible options sitting on lots in the area etc. And then the fateful Tuesday I picked him up from work and took him to the dealership and followed him out of the parking lot when he drove off in his new car. Big Blue carried us through the majority of our courtship, we got engaged with it, and on and on. Pretty much all of the major milestones in our relationship involved that car. Unfortunately over the last two years it's racked up a lot of necessary repairs, cosmetic and otherwise, that we just couldn't afford. The bottom line was that it was a better investment to replace the car than to repair it. So we had to say good-bye. It's been something we've been praying about and considering since February and God opened a door and we traded in Big Blue for Baby Blue.

I am so grateful to share my life with Andree because God regularly astounds me in the way He lavishly provides for my dear heart. With the Crown Vic, with the Escape, and now with the Focus, it has been glaringly obvious that each was the car for us in whatever season we were in and that the timing was then as well. My hubs is a shrewd shopper when it comes to cars and is excellent at saying "no" to salesmen when they try to make a deal at a price he's not willing to pay. I'm so grateful for that! Before he goes to a dealership he has already researched and considered the options and knows exactly how much he's willing to pay and not a penny more. His training in the mortgage industry serves him well in understanding how it all goes as well.

So here she/he is... (or at least an internet image of it). The new wheels for my love: Baby Blue. You can see not only are we a Ford family (it's a part of being a Kless, I learned that one early on) we are a blue car family. Matchy-matchy!

I look forward with faith for the days ahead when God will continue to provide for Andree and me in every area, big and small, just as He's been faithful to do our entire lives. 1 Timothy 6:17


Seth and Janet said...

I just love that you said "matchy-matchy." Made me laugh.

Jess said...

Cute car!

The Nutters! said...

Yay for baby Blue!