Wednesday, June 04, 2008

2 Years!

Happy Anniversary to you my darling! I love you more today than I ever would have imagined possible. Life with you is never boring, constantly a joy (and entertaining my little OCD husband), and the greatest gift God has given me. I'm so grateful for everything we've walked through over the last two years and cannot wait to see what He has ahead for us. I'm so grateful that no matter what comes I know I will have your hand to hold and your shoulder to cry on (when I'm not hiding and crying like the uber mature wife I am).

Andree completely surprised me and "kidnapped" me for 48 hours in DC. We're staying at the Morrison-Clark Inn two blocks from the Convention Center and were upgraded to the cutest little "Victorian" room for being such cute love birds. So far we've eaten Five Guys, enjoyed a Nats game (complete with a torrential downpour and free t-shirts), got Chinese food for a midnight snack and ate it in bed. Ahhh life without little Dronkies crawling around. ;-) Yup, you read that right: Andree (and I) left all of them at home. I think they'll survive. I'm looking forward to the rest of our time together and am so extremely grateful for my thoughtful honey who planned this special time for us just to bless and surprise me.

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The Nutters! said...

Wow, no dronkies! I guess sometimes mommies and daddies need "alone time" ;)
Happy Anniversary!