Monday, August 20, 2007

Quick 'Hi'

We're here. In Chatham (Cape Cod) Massachusetts. Heading home in the morning. Here's two quick pics from Boston with our favorite Dronkey. He just wanted to give a special shout out to all the care group friends he'll be missing tomorrow, particularly Lyds since she cared enough to post about him.
We'll recap our trip when we get home. Ricky brought his sister's Nikon so we've taken tons of pictures.

(Three cheers to Jenn, Jess, and Uncle Dick for not only putting up with our Dronkey-madness but participating in it.)
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Seth and Janet said...

oh uncle dick. and "dad"

love you and miss you!

Lydia said...

oh, i want to hug him! :)

kristen leigh photography said...

you watched Ed?

oooh man. we need to have a lucnh date or something. We could end up being big-time friends!

kara said...

andree and becca.
this is kara te sister of rickys who the nikon belongs to.
haha, i just have to say that when i got back and saw all the pictures it brought so much enjoyment, and i loved looking at them

wanted to say hi so