Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dronkey goes to a Nats game

Hi, its me Dronkey! I went to my first Nationals baseball game today with Mamma and Puppa (he's a HUGE Nats fan) and my new friends Charlie and Melissa. They just got married and moved here from Nebraska. That sounds far away (although they say I come from China).

Puppa was really essite'ed about a president race. He said Teddy got robbed...

It's ok, I got a Teddy bobblehead of my very own!

I met Doc Mays. He and Puppa are friends and he teaches us about baseball (Puppa pretends he knows).

I had a good time. Its past my bed time. Mamma says I get to come back for the last game at RFK. I don't know what that means. Goodnight.


Jess said...

So when does Dronkey make it to California? I think it would be a very educational experience for him - an absolute must!!

Casey said...

you guys are the best.

i was telling David this morning that i named my blender Harry Potter because the buttons say, "Blend! Grind! Liquefy!" and it always makes me think of Harry doing spells.

i thought you would like that :0)