Saturday, August 04, 2007

why I love my husband...

There are many reasons why I love the man God chose for me before there was time. More than I could even list. In the past 48+ hours I have become overwhelmingly aware of two.

1. He's my lifesaver/hero!--On Thursday morning when I walked into the kitchen I saw a fly on the wall. "I'm gonna get him!" I thought, excited at the prospect of getting rid of the fly I thought I had seen buzzing around the house the night before. I took my flip-flop and did him in... Moments later I heard a rather disturbing amount of "buzzing" to my left. I looked and swarming all over the door were flies. More flies than I have ever seen indoors. A disturbing amount of flies. So what did I do? I grabbed my new bottle of Lysol Kitchen Disinfectant Cleaner and went to town. When the mist settled I counted the dead... 28!!! "28?!?!? This is unreal!" I thought and made my next move: I called Andree. Before I could even try begging or burst into tears (back-up plans) the dear, dear man I married told me as soon as he could finish up a few things he would come home and rescue me... and he did!! Andree came home in the middle of his work day and cleaned and scrubbed the entry way, stairs, and door frame with bleach. (His remedy to everything apparently.) He then cleaned up all the dead bodies from my war with the flies. I had killed over 52 by the time he got to the house. He then worked from home, took a short nap, and headed off to his second job. (Unfortunately our, mostly his, efforts to destroy the flies have not yet been 100% successful. It's ten times better than yesterday morning but we're killing a handful at a time every few hours it seems. Our floor is currently a battlefield of bodies. Thankfully it's the flies' and not ours but they're wearing on us, or at least me.)

2. The second reason I love my Puppa Bear is what he just told me after chasing around some rogue flies with our super duper potent bug-death spray: "So... when I was killing those flies I thought 'this is how it must be to be Voldemort.' "--Apparently bringing death upon insects with a complete lack of empathy and a desire to destroy them because they were not human reminded him of the way the the evil dark wizard in Harry Potter behaves and thinks. I know 90% of you won't get or fully understand that comment but it was the funniest, cutest, silliest thing I'd heard in a long time. He's such a cutie!--and I love him.

I love you Peter Possum.
So very much. I can't tell you how much it overwhelmed me to have you come home to rescue me from the "invading army" yesterday without any hesitation. You are such a blessing. I can't imagine what I would do without you. ::Smooches::

[Sorry. No pictures on this entry. You don't want to see the floor strewn with bodies.--You'd never come over to dinner if we posted that.--You don't want to see our new interior decorating: fly paper strips dangling from the ceiling. And you don't want a googled image of Voldemort. He's ugly.]


Nicole said...

Good post! The Invasion of the Flies sounds rather gruesome...

It was great to meet you two today!

Renee said...

Becca---thought of you when I received this blog address today. Check it out! Make sure to look at the picture on the right.