Friday, March 23, 2007

A Day in the Life of Little Fox

I can't keep this to myself. The dear hubby taught me how to do a "print screen" so I can capture all the cute little things Little Fox does throughout the day. There's a lot more to the scenes (like fish in the pond, little friends that like to watch him, etc.) but you'll have to have it on your homepage yourself to see all those fun things.

Little Fox starts his morning by going fishing at sunrise. I've actually never seen this one in "real time" but somehow my computer kinda froze on one of Andree's insomniac nights and so this was captured around 5 am.

Little Fox then spends my breakfast/morning hours picking oranges in his orchard. It looks like he is very efficient.

Lunch time is Little Fox's favorite time of the day. I can tell this because he spends over two hours eating his picnic sushi lunch. Hey man, if I could have a picnic for my lunch break every day I would take two hours too!

After lunch Little Fox goes out on his boat and talks with his little friend Baby Duck. They seem to have a pleasant afternoon boating.

After spending time with Baby Duck, Little Fox has his chores to do. He is very faithful to wash all of his laundry daily. My favorite part is his little flip flops on the bank. I'm glad he takes care to not get them wet.

Little Fox has his teatime after his laundry is done. I think this is also his dinner because unless he snacks on duck food this is the only other time food is involved in his day. He's a very cultured little fox.

Little Fox then feeds his other animal friends their dinner. I like his little satchel that he feeds them from. He's very generous and spends a long time with them to ensure they get enough to eat.

Little Fox has plenty of time to play because he's done his chores and has eaten all his meals for the day. After feeding the ducks he plays his guitar on the dock for a few hours. He's very generous with his time.

Little Fox reflects on his day for a very long time and stares into his pond with his little lantern night-light. I think I would like to know what he is thinking. He sure thinks for a very long time. (Did I say that already?)

This is my favorite one. I got this one in an email because I've never been up late enough to see this. (This seriously happens sometime after at least 1 a.m.) My darling insomniac husband induldged by obsession with Little Fox by checking on him when he was up late one night and emailed this to me. I think the only time Little Fox takes off his hat is when he's sleeping.

And that is a day in the life of Little Fox! I sure hope that you enjoyed it!--I sure enjoy watching him go about his day. I still wish he would jump off my screen and come play.


Ruth said...

My sister is going nuts over this very thing herself. :)

Love you!

Jesse & Rose said...

thanks for introducing me to little Fox! What fun!

Diana said...

He's not so little. Did you see him during teatime in comparison to the building? HE'S HUGE! He could easily crush that house if he wanted to.