Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yet again...

I am picking up another passion of my husband's and enjoying it! Last week it was NCAA brackets and this week it is Google. Andree loves Google. He uses his Google for everything and anything he can. Unless forced he will use "Google Docs" over opening a Microsoft Word document etc. He's a believer.
Yesterday Andree told me that Google had a new feature for the personalized homepages: themes. I thought "yea yea ok, great for you, not so much for me." But I decided to check it out. (After all when he told me how cool "Google Reader"--which is an RSS reader that downloads all of your favorite blog updates into one place--was it took me a while to get into it but now I love it. It makes all the blog reading I do take a lot less time and helps me use my time better and not spend hours traveling about the internet. :-) (Usually at least.) Anyways... Back to the homepage themes, they're so fun! Mine is the "Tea House" theme which means I get to watch a cute little fox go about his day on my homepage. When I start my morning he is picking fruit off of a fruit tree, he then spends about two hours eating lunch (which I would do too if I had a nice picnic lunch to eat outside!), then he goes out on a little row boat with a little duck friend, after that he does his laundry in the pond (and leave his little flip flops on the shore to keep them dry), and on and on it goes. I still have yet to see what he does between the hours of 11 pm- 8 am because as much as I enjoy him I haven't decided to pull an all-nighter to watch.
It's all about the little things in life. He really makes my day a lot of fun even though I know in about a week I'll have grown tired of his cuteness. (Unless he starts doing new things and Google said they might update them every month or so!) I want him to live in my pocket but Andree says he would bite me so he can't be my pet. (Andree and I seem to regularly disagree on what would make a good pet. First he wouldn't let me have a pet frog from our walks and now I can't have a cute little cartoon fox.)

In other news, I hope you visited Rita's Italian Ice today for some delicious free-ness! As a promotion for the first day of spring they were giving away free Italian Ice's to everyone who came by. Andree and I had a quick mini-date tonight to pick up some and I am ready to start the season now. I'm looking forward to it being quite a bit warmer the next time I eat frozen mango ice goodness!! We no longer have to drive to Silver Spring/Wheaton to enjoy it either; They just opened a Rita's in Germantown (118 and Wisteria) so it's close by. Can't be beat for a cheap summer date night!

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Seth and Janet said...

i want to learn how to do that to my desktop!