Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Update... and The Greatest Show on Earth

The dear husband is all-better now. Minus coughing fits every morning and at night before bed. We believe he did have strep throat since he was feeling better within 48 hours of starting antibiotics. We even made it to the Family Room Valentine's Day show on Saturday. It was a nice night out for us after a week of being sick and home-bound thanks to Mom and Dad Price who "watched the monitor" for us back home. (They made it very obvious that they are ready for grand kiddies with their "don't hurry home" comments. ;-) They'll have to wait a little while 'til we oblige them though.)

This week we're looking forward to a fun dinner tonight with another set of newlyweds (one of Becca's best friends, the Mutimers), a special "Marrieds Time" with Andree's new Wii on Saturday, and having a couple from our cg over for lunch after church. We're so blessed with the relationships God has provided for us in this season.

Ohhhh---and!!! The talented Patrushka-la-Rushka has provided tickets for us to go see her show on Saturday at Georgetown. Becca can't wait: snails eating cabbages, Puckett doing some beatbox, and just all around good times with children's stories... What could be better? Attempting to convince Andree he's going to essentially a real-live version of Reading Rainbow hasn't worked so far but he's still looking forward to whatever his Saturday afternoon holds. (Pictures are illustrations from Leo Lionni's books, the stories we're going to see are his.)

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Seth and Janet said...

ahhh i love you guys