Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Something about Valentine's Day

We're snowed in!!

On our "first" Valentine's Andree was in the hospital. We had a special "super time" with me sitting on his bed with a new haircut and pink sweater and he eating the spaghetti he'd chosen special for that night's dinner since he knew I loved pasta. He has surgery the next day. Patricia reassured me when I realized at Einstein's Bagels that the potential love of my life was under the knife while we enjoyed bagels and juice that they were only going to "gut him like a fish." Good friends, good memories. :-)

This year Andree's sick. It's not fun having a sick hubby. I've decided I'm definitely not ready to be a mommy because having a hubby so miserably sick is making me want to cry. I think--and Nurse Jess does too--that he's got strep. He's got a horrible sore throat (cute voice!), fever, headache, dizzy etc. He's living on water, Tylenol, popsicles, and grilled cheese. He's not interested in eating anything else. I'm hoping to get him to a doctor at some point but we'll see with this snow.

I'm really sad he's sick but he's very entertaining when he's ill. On Monday when he was feeling crummy he watched two whole episodes of "10 Years Younger" which he would not normally watch (at least without me being the one in control of the remote). He gave me a running commentary on it and let me know that he "likes when they do men because it's more of a dramatic change." (They did a makeover for a 30 year old IT guy who at the start of the show had hair to his bum. It was impressive.) Yesterday he was pretty much just straight up miserable--but did manage to watch a Montgomery County school board meeting on public access TV as well as several math problems being solved on some other special channel. (How does he find this stuff?) Today he's miserable, in and out of consciousness (sleeping), and "not thinking clearly." He's let me know that I am not allowed to shovel us out of the snowed-in status we're in because the noise scares him when he's sleeping. Instead his recommendation is that I wait until all the snow melts and then I can dig it away.

Please pray the Puppa Bear feels better. This Mama Bear sure misses him.
This is how my love sleeps when he's sick. I think he looks like he's hiding from something. Maybe me and the thermometer. He also takes up this position if I turn on Oprah while he's napping.

(And a special shout out to everyone's favorite Texan, and the only Texan Andree loves, for making the sick kid's night last night with this e-card. Priceless.)


Jess said...

Hope your honey feels better soon! I know it's hard when you can't do much - mine is having to study all day!

Nora said...

The house that we are purchasing is in the Gilbert zipcode but it is at the 202 and val vista road called Annecy... go to and you should be able to find the Lakes at Annecy link in the development section. Sorry to hear that you're sick!

Seth and Janet said...

oh bec that puts everything we have been talking about the past few days in a whole new light. praying for you!

Erin said...

Hey! I really enjoyed the card- that's cute. I'm glad Dre is starting to feel better. You and I have got to talk about the family room the next time I see you...

tk said...

Hey there! Please let Puppa Bear know I'm praying for him! Is he any better?


Diana said...

Why would he hide from you and the thermometer? Unless you administer it the same way you would a child. In which case, I'd probably try to hide too.

Hope he's better!